Diamond West has been a consultant for many emerging manufacturers for over 20 years. We provide assistance with sales development strategies, sales force development, programing, as well as giving them an insight into market specific advertising.

We partner with them and in some cases have become their National Sales Team allowing them to concentrate on product development. We assist in provding them with necessary information they might need in regard to packaging and selling their products to different markets.

We have consulted and worked with such fine companies as ….

Airy (Double Dragon Enterprises)   Pneumatic Tools

  DuroMax Generators are powerful generator with endless uses and are able to accept high wattage loads with ease. They can function as standby for home power generation, use at work places or for outdoors activities.

Ecopro Tools was founded by a group of tools specialist whom has great concerns about the future of the earth. The current tools used gasoline, which is expensive and harmful to the environment. Therefore the company began with the idea of GREEN. To keep this idea and mentally of the company, we decided to use the GREEN color scheme for all of our tools. Thinking GREEN is the future!

Flite Cleaning Solution is an earth friendly all-purpose, industrial strength cleaner. The name Flite, is a play on words derived from its originally intended use as an airplane degreaser. When it was first created, over forty years ago, the goal was simply to create a solution that would be able to easily and quickly clean heavily greased engines, without damaging any of the components, and then simply rinse off. The engineers and chemists, who created Flite, had no idea that they were formulating one of the original environmentally friendly cleaning products that was biodegradable as well as non-flammable, non-toxic and multi-surface safe.

McCulloch has a long history of developing powerful and reliable products. The first step was taken in 1949, when we introduced the first American one-man chainsaw. During our first decades, our main target group were professional woodworkers. In the 1970s we began working with garden products for consumers.

We continue to promote business in the rapidly growing internet marketplace and have had a great deal of success with such customers as, Wayfair, CPO Commerce and others to name a few.

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